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A great passion for wine and the wish to continue to expand their knowledge of wine, and to share this knowledge with others, was the driving force that brought together Pascal and Stephan Hemard and Remi and Estelle Cook.

They purchased an existing vineyard, Domaine St Luc, in 2006. This vineyard gives them the scope not only to produce quality wine, but also to further develop their enthusiasm for all areas of wine-growing, as well as the marketing of wines,and the wine industry in general. They believe that the knowledge of wines and soils, and wine tasting, is an art form.

pascalePascale HEMARD : former guidance consellor, I followed my husband Stephane's decision to acquire a winegrowing estate. I must admit this was not my field but new challenges are always exciting ! Low-skilled, I trained myself to the art of tasting in Suze la Rousse in order to participate to the different stages of the wine-blending. After hours of painting, craft-work and sewing to refresh the accomodations, I took over Saint-Luc wine-tourism part, to invent stays that fit my wishes and find new fashionable partners. In order to share ideas and actions, I joined  FVR, an association of women wine-maker.

stephaneStephan Hemard, an oenologist since 1980, has built his career around being in charge of vineyards, whilst also selling and marketing wines. As such, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the different wine regions and wine-making techniques throughout France, and the rest of the world.

In 2001, Stephan founded the Company “ASHoenologie”, and although the Company’s main activity is the construction of wine cellars, it has allowed Stephen and Remi to use their knowledge of wine-handling and storage.

Stephan is extremely active in the wine industry, both locally and regionally, and in recognition of his contributions, was elected Regional President of the Union of Oenologists of France. He has participated in many national and international wine tasting competitions, and in 2004 founded the Society “Worldwide Rosé”.

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Domaine Saint-Luc